Magento Plugins

A site is only as good as the way that it functions. That’s why we’ve created several unique Plugins for your Magento site. Our QuickView plugin will allow customers to view product details, photographs, and other important items without navigating away from the product list page. QuickView makes browsing any site easy and efficient, which means that your customers will keep coming back for more.

Our TopCart plugin eliminates that usual sidebar by presenting all the information that customers need to know in a convenient cart box. This box remains at the top of the screen for ease of use. TopCart is just another innovative way that we are taking all Magento plugins to the next level.

Click on our short demos to see how each of our plugin products will look on your site. Presenting your clients with alternative ways to shop is the best solution to regular shopping site problems. Why settle for ordinary Magento plugins when you can outfit your site with the extraordinary?